Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Perils of Pudding

And this week's edition of Cooking with Kids....

Today our intrepid 11-year-old chef presents a step-by step guide to Jell-o "Instant" Pudding.

1) Have a massive chocolate craving

2) Wave the inner pack at your mom and ask how to make it.

3) get directed to the soy milk and the measuring cup

4) complain about mixing bowls being barricaded in the cupboard by dad's questionable "system"

5) complain about not being able to find the whisk and settle reluctantly for metal serving spoon

6) a)pour mix into the measuring cup and b) *then* pour it all into the mixing bowl

7)complain that it's taking more than "two minutes" to stir the lumps out

8) complain that you keep slopping pudding over the side because dad gave you a two cup bowl to stir two cups of soymilk + mix.

9) keep complaining until mom gets up and drags the only bigger mixing bowl she can find from soooo far in the back of cupboard it has to be washed first.

10) since mom is up anyway, let her finish stirring and 

11) put it in the fridge while she's at it

12) all done!

Join us next time for Making Cookies from a "Ready to Bake" Pack!