Thursday, November 10, 2011

Treehouse Part 4

So back to the treehouse.  So we had glued in the top platform and decided it was way too far off the ground for a ladder to reach.  The length it was already caused it twist under our model child.  So we added a lower platform and fasten the bottom of the ladder to it.  Junior also decided that safety rails were a must so we added those as well.   We tied a strip of cloth beside the bottom platform as a climbing rope from the ground.

Lower platform, rope ladder and climbing rope.

Junior had discovered the sewing machine just before the treehouse project.   I showed him how to make simple, tiny pillows and he measured fabric against our treehouse doll and sewed several for the treehouse on his own.

Piles of pillows

pillows on the upper platform

We had just done a scout craft with melty beads and we still had them at the house, so Junior decided the treehouse needed a melty bead TV set.

Doll with her pillows and the "TV."

Next time:   The completed treehouse.

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