Friday, November 11, 2011

Treehouse Part 5

And finally the completed tree house.

The Treehouse

As you can see we had a last minute addition.

The sunshade

Once all the constructing and gluing was done, Junior thought something wasn't quite right.  What about all the sun up in a tree?  What we really needed was a roof; or better yet, a canopy.  So we went digging through the fabric scraps and found a length of muslin.   But the trouble was how to fasten it.  In a burst of inspiration, Junior grabbed a handful of pipe cleaners/chenille stems and made a complicated support structure for the roof.  Then using a combination of more pipe cleaners, glue and rubber bands, we secured the canopy on.

Success.  One treehouse and one happy doll.

Close up of lower platform 
and climbing rope.

Now for lesson planning, here's what we counted.

  • Art:  architecture, design, color, 
  • Math: measuring,  addition, subtraction, ratios, scales
  • Writing:  journaling, project planning notes, final project write up, success of plan, modifications made
  • Science: structural engineering,  

 Still trying to squeeze the whole tree in one photo

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