Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Home Made Knitting Needles

It's amazingly easy for your children to make their own knitting needles.

What you need:

  • 2  12"US (or approx)  1/4"US/ 5MM diameter wooden dowel.  They generally come in 24"US lengths from the hobby/hardware store or you can get these* which are already cut to the 12" length you want. 
  • 2 large wooden beads with a hole large enough to fit over the dowel or one chenille stem*.
  • A sturdy pencil sharpener.


  1.  If using a 24" dowel measure and mark the center point.  Adults only: using a sharp utility blade score the line and carefully cut or break in half.   Sand the cut ends until smooth.
  2. Lightly sand the length your two 12" dowels with medium and light grade sandpaper until they feel smooth in your hands.   You don't want it to snag the yarn.
  3. Using the pencil sharpener carefully sharpen one end of the dowel.  You want a pencil-like shape but take care not to over sharpen.  You do not want a sharp point.  If you do find the point is too sharp, sand it until safely blunt.
  4. Glue wooden bead to end the of each dowel.  If using chenille stem cut a small length for each dowel, enough to wind it around three or four times tucking sharp wire ends underneath.  Glue in place.

When the glue is dry, your new needles are ready to use!

According to this chart, your finished needle size will be:

U.S. Size
U.K./U.S. Metric Range
European Metric Range"Old" U.S.(Taken from a Boye Needle gauge
reprinted in a 1942 publication)
85 mm5 mm8 (standard needles)6

Well, now that you have your needles are you left wondering what to do?  In case you are new to knitting or just rusty, this site and this site  have some good videos to get you started.

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