Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuna Cat Treats

Last week was cooking class with our homeschool group.  Junior loves it but it's a little bonkers. They always make too much food. They did fruit salad (but then they *always* do fruit salad) Chinese dumplings, and cat and dog treats. And they *really* overdid the cat and dog treats. Even with 19 kids in attendance there were far too many to go around.   The cooking teacher was afraid there would be too little so she doubled the recipes.  Oops.  So we had mounds of dough and only one little convection oven to cook it all in.  I ended up bringing home a big blob of dough to finish the last of it at home.  

I failed to get the dumpling and dog treat recipes but I helped with the cat treats so I have that.

Tuna Cat Treats (Giant Batch)
  •  1 1/2 cups of flour
  •  2 cans of tuna.  
I'd use less flour than that.  It ended up being a little too dry and we needed to add water.  Then I'd half the recipe.  Twice.  ;-)

The worst part was making the little tiny dough blobs, argh.  You will need gloves or lots of flour because the dough is very sticky.  

Photo evidence:

(Wow that pizza pan looks ugly on film)

I baked them around 400F until they were little slightly golden and sorta cookie-ish.  Soft is better because they still came out too big for a cat and needed to be cut up.  They also need to be in the fridge because they will spoil.

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