Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Cooking Tales

Inspired by another blogger, I'm posting about Junior making breakfast today. He really likes cooking and he's made eggs before so, when I half jokingly asked when he was making us scrambled eggs this morning, he jumped up to do that. I was sitting in the office adjacent the kitchen so he was able to ask "pot or skillet?" (And thankfully I was able to jump up and light the burner when he'd let gas just pour out, forgetting to turn it to the "light" setting. Eek.) 

Then he grabbed two eggs and held them in his hand as he tried to open the fridge to put the carton away and crushed one of them in his hand. Hee. This setback was fine with him: he just grabbed another egg and cracked them right in the pan. No beating and no oil or anything. Ummm. We decided at that point he was making "modified scrambled eggs." ;) But he prevailed and something like scrambled eggs was made and eaten (and a pan is still soaking in the sink).

Clearly, he just needs more practice. I'm just glad he still likes cooking and maybe he won't be as useless at cooking as I am. He does like to watch the Food Channel.