Monday, November 21, 2011


Who doesn't love slime?

ooey gooey science-y

**raises hand**

But it's inevitable isn't it?   I do recall getting slime out of gumball machines as a kid.  On purpose.  It seemed to the thing to do at the time.  There are two main varieties of slime: polymer and non-Newtonian fluid. So if your little grossologist must have slime, here's how to do it.

Polymer slime aka borax and school glue (pictured above):

Polymer Slime instructions
Science-y Explanation

Note: This is my favored slime.  It's not all that slimy, it keeps for a while in a baggy or my least favorite plastic storage container, and it generally cleans up and behaves itself.

Non-Newtonian slime aka cornstarch/corn flour(UK) and water:
Instructions plus science
A page with lots of silly cornstarch slime vids

Note: This stuff is a menace.  When it's being a liquid, it gets everywhere, it feels disgusting, and will destroy plumbing quick as anything.  When you clean up, use a bucket, outside if possible.  You need to thin the cornstarch/corn flour to nothing before it ceases it's starchy mayhem.

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