Thursday, August 7, 2008

Clothes Pin Tag

Game pieces:

  • A package of wooden clothes pins, the springy kind . (Wiki has a history on the clothes pin. Amazing).
Game Play:
  • Clip anywhere from 5-7 clothes pins on the shirt of each child.  Each child should start out with the same amount
  • The object is to collect as many clothes pins as possible.
  • Once taken a clothes pin must be clipped on immediately.
  • No defending your own pins except by running away or evading.
  • Set a time limit for the game and count the pins at the end.  Pins in hand don’t count.
  • I make any running game safe for indoors, by adding the,  Slow Motion Rule.   This means, of course, that you can run all you want – as long you do it in slow motion.   It is very funny to watch and the kids still have a great time.

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